A comprehensive study of the vital software development principles

Development of a software product is complex and comprehensive process which involves certain expertise , multiple integration , collaboration tools and a well designed development cycle. Apart from all of this, building the code base of the product ie. software itself requires the maximum time and effort which sometimes. During the course of last two decades, it was observed that some issue reoccur in most of the project sue to some faulty approaches taken by the developers. Thus, some computer genius developed certain software development principles using their knowledge and years of experience. …

A detail overview of the existing software architectural approaches

Software development can be described as a complex systemic process that requires expertise in various spheres of technology as well as the concerned business. An integral part of this software development process is facilitated by defining the architecture of software just like a blueprint of a master plan.

Why We Need Software Architecture

A detailed overview of implementing dynamic polymorphism efficiently

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Polymorphism is an important concept of Object oriented programming paradigm. It comprise of two words — poly which means multiple and morph which means states. It can be classified in two ways on the basis of time at which the procedure call is resolved.

  • Static Polymorphism
  • Dynamic Polymorphism

Static Polymorphism implies that the invocation (call) to a function is resolved at compile time. It can be implemented using Overloading. Further details of static polymorphism are out of the scope of this article but you can read more about it on javatpoint blog about c++ overloading.

Dynamic Polymorphism implies the runtime…

Tips to harness the latest features of python to write a clean and concise code

Python is a great tool for writing short yet power scripts in order to perform complex tasks like image processing and NLP. But you can further enhance your code and reduce some lines of script by incorporating the following features that Python 3.8 offers.


Assignment expressions can be used intelligently to avoid extra lines of code. Syntax that enables developer to combine assignment expression within a looping condition were much awaited. Python 3.8 fortunately came up with such kind of assignment operator named as Walrus operator ( := ).

A comparison between two famous modern-day programming languages

The world of software development has evidenced drastic changes in the development platforms and programming languages since 2010. A huge support for the mobile development community has been provided by the pioneer tech companies such as Google, Apple etc.

Demands of modern developers gave rise to the more powerful and more advanced high level programming languages like Kotlin and Swift. Every modern programming language tried to satisfy the requirements of developer in order to produce much faster, reliable and flexible software systems.

Hence, the languages offer lots of similarities wrapped up in different flavours. As Iphones and Android smartphones has…

Take a tour to all new world of Java you have never seen before

Java is the pioneer programming language that ruled the market from last 20 years and performing well.

There is a controversial debate going on finding the replacement of ‘ Java ’ from last few years.

Now a days, developers started complaining about the out of date programming syntax in comparison with the modern programming languages like Python, Kotlin, Swift etc

But the recent updates in Java has enhanced the code quality and provided the developers to play around with the program in a much more efficient manner.

Following are the suggested features you can use with JDK 14 if you…

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